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We’re passionate about practicing the most up-to-date, high-quality sleep therapies you’ll find available today. We think about your overall quality of sleep and take the time to hear your concerns and treat you as a person — not a diagnosis.

Founder & Chief Doctor

Chris Hart is the CEO & Founder of iHeart Sleep which offers targeted non-CPAP therapy to patients diagnosed with sleep deprivation, snoring, and sleep apnea globally.

Chris graduated from the University of Queensland with an Honours Degree in Dentistry and a Science Degree in Biochemistry and Physiology. He also graduated from Cambridge University with a Master of Philosophy in Biomedical Science.

Other notable companies that Dr. Hart has also founded National Dental Care as well as the Australasian Institute of Reconstructive Dentistry, developed to provide clinicians with exceptional skills in the areas of craniofacial pain, airway management and reconstructive dentistry.

Dr Hart’s passion in these areas, along with his own needs in terms of craniofacial pain and sleep apnea, led to his invention of the O2Vent sleep apnea treatment platform and his founding of Oventus Medical, with the aim of helping to treat patients suffereing from sleep apnea world wide.

As the Founder and Clinical Director at Oventus Medical, he managed the clinical trial program of four major clinical trials producing numerous published articles confirming its superior effectiveness over existing treatment options.

As CEO of Oventus he also founded Dental Sleep Care Alliance and developed a collaborative clinical program to enable dentists and sleep facilities to collaborate on bringing patients into care.

Through these innovations Dr Hart has had the privilege of changing the lives of thousands of patients world wide. This clinical experience combined with cutting edge technology has culminated in the development of the iHeartSleep Target Sleep Therapy program.

“As a sleep apnea sufferer and a clinician, it has been an honour to have the opportunity to develop these devices and clinical protocols, enabling us to tailor targeted therapy programs to predictably treat sleep apnea, with the minimal amount of intervention to deliver outstanding clinical outcomes.”


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