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Clinically Proven Results

We’ve helped thousands of sleep apnea sufferers just like you. If you suffer from mild to moderate or severe sleep apnea, or are unable to tolerate a CPAP, our targeted therapy program is tailored specifically to help you solve these issues.

Sleep apnea can lead to many serious health risks if not diagnosed early.

Are You or Your Partner Noticing Symptoms?

Pausing Breathing

Are you gasping for air or pausing breathing during sleep?

Constant Fatigue

Are you feeling sleepy, or exhausted during the day?

Loud Snoring

Are you snoring louder than normal during sleep?

Urination Issues

Do you wake up multiple times at night to urinate?

Daytime Sleepiness

Are you suddenly falling asleep or cannot stay up in the day?

Morning Headaches

Do you wake up with headaches that re-occur during the day?

Dry Mouth

Do you often have a dry or sore mouth when you wake up?

Limited Attention

Is your attention span limited or are you having difficulty thinking clearly?

Am I a Candidate

See If You're a Candidate

Prior to scheduling an appointment with one of our certified Clinical Sleep Consultants or physicians, let’s determine whether you might be a suitable candidate for the tailored iHeart Sleep therapy and treatment program.

Pricing Methods

What Payment Options Are There?

We’ve designed various payment plans to facilitate your journey toward improved sleep without straining your finances. Select the option that suits you best below, and we’ll promptly assist you in setting up your path to a restful night’s sleep!

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